Hello Antonio, I’m just writing to thank you because you were the last decisive piece of my puzzle … thanks to your lesson you helped me to find the courage to change my ways! I’m starting my own business with my passion as its main focus: English in all its forms 🙂 I’m reinventing my life… by my own. Thanks


A course that focuses on managing emotions, especially in the uncertain and doubtful period in which I find myself is really a godsend! I used your techniques in a family situation that was a bit critical… I managed to get closer to putting myself in a totally different way than I’ve always done and this produced unexpected effects! Thank you!!!


Hi Antonio, these days I’m putting back together the pieces of the mosaic of life, after last Monday’s deflagration (induced). Not all the pieces will return to their original place, and this is the positive side of the story, a different story that started already during this week. Different emotions, even today.


Congratulations Antonio! I haven’t finished reading your book yet and I’ve already found interesting ideas and topics that never before I had seen all together in the same manual. To be honest some topics were already familiar to me, but the way and the richness of your argumentation adds a lot a value to the reader’s experience. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, new methods, new schemes and with your book you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thanks


Dear Antonio in these 10 years I have had the opportunity to appreciate you very much in the business meetings and training rooms you have managed as a champion, but with this book you have really reached a higher level. Thank you for your commitment to study for the benefit of all of us. Recommended


Effective, realistic, useful, proven… to be used in every situation (family, friends, work). The most fun part is to verify the truth of what is told in this book by observing your own behavior and the one of the people you interact with! To read, underline and reread!


An extraordinary path that made me understand what and above all how to improve emotional intelligence.
The book shows that it is a path deeply experienced by the author.
I have put the method into practice and I was very surprised of how correct indications shorten the path and make one become aware of one’s own abilities.


A journey into our innermost self to understand how we relate to others and to understand the emotions that come to us from our interlocutors learning to manage them … thanks Antonio to make us reflect serenely on emotions, their importance and the tools that make them stronger and more pleasant. A book that you read because your interest grows page after page!


In my life I have read hundreds of books on various topics, I have rarely found a book that encourages you to reflect and see relationships from a different point of view. It leads you to live them with a different awareness and pushes you to be the creator of your relationships and the main responsible for the results. I want to add that I have also put the contents of the book into practice at work and my approach to clients has completely changed, and the results were not long in coming. I’m personally recommending it to all the people close to me… a great discovery and rewarding results.


An accurate but easy and profitable path inside emotions. The reader is accompanied in the understanding of these strange creatures that are the emotions with very useful suggestions in everyday life. A prepared and discerning author puts his humanity and knowledge at the service of those who want a pragmatic although scientific and accurate approach to the emotional sphere.
Personally, I was able to successfully face the rebellion of a teenage daughter by foiling the concrete risk that she would abandon her studies, follow the wrong paths and ruin her future. By applying the method and the precious suggestions on how to speak, what to say and what attitudes to take, the crisis was brilliantly overcome. My family has regained its lost serenity.


Antonio Meleleo is a guarantee. Clear, flowing and entertaining book. Warmly recommended for those who want to take a trip into the world of emotions to learn to understand themselves and others.


Remarkable book that allows you to open your eyes by seeing those around you, and even yourself, in a different way. Thank you Antonio for the wonderful experience that was reading it.


A vademecum of emotions but above all a manual on how to better manage them to be more effective and efficient, at work… and not only at work.
It’s easy and easy to read, I appreciated it both as a reader and as an employee …!


I’ve always been skeptical about the added value of this kind of book. This time I have to prove me wrong: I found THE book. I tried to apply the principles and techniques of the book with my father… unbelievable stuff: in 10 minutes he expressed what he hadn’t verbalized in a lifetime! I highly recommend it.


A book full of ideas for daily management of one’s own emotions and those of others. How to convince, how to sell, how to accept others and how to accept yourself
The sympathy and empathy of the author do the rest.


I have read a lot of books on the possibility of managing emotions but few have turned out to be so clear and concrete. A book to read and reread over time to verify, also through exercises, the improvements obtained.


I have read many books on personal growth, emotional intelligence, etc… but this book has an extra edge, I would recommend to everybody to read it !


A very pragmatic book that makes us think about the importance of emotional education in every moment of our lives! A real discovery!
A great author!


Pure energy. Antonio, you always manage to excite your audience.

5 stars are few