• To Persuade means:  “gently attract to himself – gently bring to himself
  • Emotion, on the other hand, derives from “ex-movere” that is, from “move out” and is the word that represents the engine of our oldest brain, the basis of our actions.

Emotional Power unites the ability to be persuasive with the power to recognize, use and communicate emotions in a new way… to speak to the “Heart of the Brain”.

It is indispensable for everyone, both in private and working life, because it improves relationships with others and increases the ability to be said yes.

Emotional Power is the result of more than 10 years of research and experience on the field and has created a unique and innovative Me.To.Do.® for the practical use of emotions in communication.

We can finally express our uniqueness with precision. And even those who have problems with the management of emotions, because they do not know how to treat them, will finally find in Me.To.Do.® Emotional Power the way to understand them in detail and to satisfy their curiosity.

Emotions are physics and chemistry. Physics because sensory messages are transformed into electrical impulses, electromagnetic fields, radio waves; chemistry because Emotions are hormones produced by our body.

So if I know how to stimulate the 5 senses, I also know how to generate physical and chemical reactions typical of the different Emotions that generate a behavior that leads to a decision.

Persuading ethically means having a higher degree of sensitivity to avoid involuntary manipulation. Emotional Power is the tool to give power to your Emotional Intelligence.